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Worried About The Increase In Crime, The Installation Of New LED Lighting In Urban Areas In Columbia, USA
Aug 07, 2018

Due to concerns about increased urban crime, Columbia City plans to install new lighting as early as next month.

Katie Essing, executive director of the downtown community improvement district, said the city plans to install six test lights around Hitt and Broadway.

The Columbia City Council approved the plan as early as January this year with the aim of improving public safety. Just a few weeks ago, in the downtown area, two shooting incidents occurred on the same weekend.

Sal Nuccio, the owner of the local Eastside Tavern, has lived in the city for 20 years. He said, "I think the lights will help, and this should be combined with the right police."

Nuccio said that the biggest problem is that hundreds of people don't leave after the bar is closed, and then wander around the city center. This problem has gotten worse and worse in the past five years.

"It's getting worse and worse. I have seen people wearing a pistol holster on their belts more than once."

Nuccio said the city needs regular police patrols to help curb crime.

Regarding the lights, Katie Essing said that after the installation of the lamps, a meeting will be held. If there is effect after installing the new light, the installation will continue.