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Why LED Is More Suitable For Turning Lights?
Mar 26, 2018

First of all, the LED headlights' lighting effect can meet your needs; secondly, although the xenon headlights are also very bright, if you are a halogen headlight, you must add a lens to the xenon headlights, otherwise there will be a serious threat of glare. Drive safely to the opposite driver.Of course,even if you choose a xenon headlamp with a lens,the price is similar to that of LED,and if the sealing is not good, it will cause problems such as water in the lampshade.Finally,the xenon headlamps have a delay of 2-3 seconds when lit due to the problem of light emission, and are not suitable for use as high beam lights.

Therefore, considering the factors such as comprehensive price, ease of modification, and effects, LED is the best choice.