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What Is Smart (energy) Street Light?
Oct 09, 2018

In recent years, "smart (energy) street lights" have been promoted all over the world, and more and more followers. Many people focus on WIFI, radio, information screens, charging piles and other functions. It is because of these functions that a street lamp is called "smart (energy) street light."

However, the main function of street lamps is lighting. For the problem of "wisdom (energy)" in street lamps, we must find the answer from the lighting.

The main function of the smart (energy) street light

So, from the perspective of lighting, what functions should smart street lamps cover?

1. Remote measurement of electric parameters such as current and voltage of street lamps, remote control switch street lights, and on-site operation of important sections of remote viewing.

2. Monitor LED street lamp chip pad temperature or lamp housing temperature and fault diagnosis.

3, daylighting or human-induced induction of dimming, as well as time-control in energy-saving control and even achieve RTC dimming.

4. According to the monitoring data of the lamps, timely grasp the location of the abnormal street lamps and the abnormal reasons, and have the purpose to repair, without going to the city to inspect, speed up the maintenance and reduce the maintenance cost.

5. The lighting standard level on the same road changes with time and traffic flow becomes a variable value. For example, some new development roads may have lower brightness at the beginning of the passage. After a period of time or through monitoring traffic flow, a certain threshold is turned on. .

6, in some people in the sparse area in the middle of the night can be controlled half-bright, but when the car passes, it reaches a certain distance in front of the full light, and the rear returns to the original brightness after a few seconds.

These are the real functions of smart (energy) street lights, and have nothing to do with WIFI, broadcast, information screen, charging pile and other functions.

"Multi-function light pole" - the misunderstanding of "smart (energy) street light"

At present, many forums in the lighting industry about "smart (energy) street lights" focus on WIFI, radio, information screens, charging piles and other functions that are not related to street lighting. This has also led many urban lighting management departments to believe that the so-called "smart street lights" are just a few more functions that have nothing to do with street lights. These functions have nothing to do with "smart street lights", and have nothing to do with the street lighting management department. "Wisdom ( Can) the street lamp "name is not true. Because the so-called "wisdom (energy)" is only on the pole. This kind of street lamp pole is used as a carrier to install a variety of different IoT devices: such as public security traffic monitoring, alarm buttons, pollutant monitoring, environmental sensors, weather, medical assistance, WIFI, broadcasting, information screen, charging pile, big data collection. Equal to the integrated product, it should be called a multi-function light pole, not a smart (energy) street light.

The carrier of the multi-function pole must be installed under the condition of the front levee to ensure the safe operation of the road lighting, because street lighting is the job of the street lamp, and the function on the pole is related to the management of the city. This is also the smart city that China is building. What is needed. But the product itself has no technological innovation, but a model innovation that integrates various technologies into the street light pole. This form makes full use of the ubiquitous advantages of streetlight poles in the city, resource sharing, streetlight poles as carriers, interconnection and interoperability, providing a means to improve urban intelligent management and speed up the response.

As a model of innovation, the idea of multi-function poles is very good. In the future, such products will play a very big role in building smart cities, and the market space is huge. But these functions have nothing to do with street lights, and it does not mean that this is the so-called "smart street light".