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What Are The Advantages Of Lucky Lighting LED Indoor Lighting?
Jul 18, 2018

After more than seven years of development, Lucky Lighting's factory in China has become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of LED indoor lighting in China. We produce a wide range of LED indoor lighting, such as: LED tubes, LED panel lights, LED bulbs. Mainly used in the field of commercial lighting, taking decorative lighting as an example:

                      LED tube light  LED panel light

1. Indoor and commercial atmosphere lighting for high-end specialty stores and shopping malls

Energy-saving and environmental protection, no UV, cater to the psychology of some businesses to display personalized light environment, has become the preferred source of light for some special products; its full spectrum of color range is very suitable for the atmosphere of specialty stores and shopping malls, LED light source The advantages of local lighting, accent lighting and regional lighting can create a high-quality light environment unmatched by other traditional lighting electric light sources, which is very suitable for commercial lighting.

2.conference room, multi-function hall lighting

The intelligent control LED is adjustable in grayscale, and the lighting environment of the conference room or multi-function hall can be adjusted according to the content of the conference. It can be set freely or lively. LED intelligent lighting can meet the needs of different conference themes for the light environment. 

3. Exhibition, fashion show lighting

Exhibitions and fashion shows are places where merchants display their products and services. For merchants, in order to better attract customers, promote products and finally reach a cooperation agreement, they need a personalized light environment to display their products and services, LED has great potential in the field of exhibitions and fashion show lighting.