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Up To Date! Shanghai Hongkou Binjiang Light Show Is Coming!
Oct 10, 2018

Up to date! Shanghai Hongkou Binjiang Light Show is coming!


As the core of the riverside landscape lighting, the North Bund, under the cover of the night, has become more modern and charming!

The shocking picture is coming, are you ready?

The face is too shocking, together with a few wonderful moments, and then slowly enjoy it~

The night sky on the banks of the North Bund River is illuminated by the lights, and the Magnolia Square, the International Port Building and the Guoke Center are linked.


The bright five-star red flag rises on the glass curtain wall of the Magnolia Building, and the smoke rising in color is accompanied by the appearance of the Expo logo.

LED lucky

Together with the surrounding fireworks, it shows that the countries of the world gather together to join hands and create a beautiful vision for the future.


Hongkou's night scene lighting dynamic performance, the most distinctive part is divided into four chapters: "the source of Shanghai Airlines, the light of the water" "Yulan Shengfang, Haina Baichuan" "Jiangshan Yonggu, National Games Hengchang" A total of prosperity."