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United States Release Latest LED Lamp Technology Resolutions
Dec 23, 2016

United States insurers updated August 25, 2016 to test a direct replacement of fluorescent tubes LED lamps technical resolution, it is noted that this latest technology resolution February 20, 2015 old versions prior to alternatives, and plans into UL1993 standard at the end of this year.

It is understood that this latest technology breakthroughs in several ways the Type before a resolution the technical bottleneck of LED lamps into the North American market, is expected to make the UL can help manufacturers of LED Type LED lamps a fast break into the North American market, a direct replacement for the North American market a large number of double end tenoners-tubes, u-tube, single CFL tube and annular tube, etc.

According to test quarantine personnel interpretation, this copies latest of technology resolution of content update following: a is test used constant flow power way, alternative original of constant pressure power way, canceled has original of current limited value; II is if Type a, LED lamp only replaced for electronic type ballast of T5 fluorescent tube, LED lamp and lamp Pin needle Zhijian of DC component not do requirements; three is if LED lamp used metal lamp or with other can contact non-contains flow metal parts, Head Pin needle to the metal parts of the electrical clearance requirements lower than it was before; four is a parts failure test consists of reading after 5 seconds to 5 minutes after reading five-test method for cathodic impedance is clear.

Inspection and quarantine departments suggested that new technology should be read Word for Word resolution, grasp the basic elements of the new regulations, understand new regulations, specifications, to tease out the differences and similarities between the old and new regulations. Enterprises should combine with their own characteristics of LED products, selecting representative sample, similarities and differences of old and new technical standards, combined with specific products, theory and practice, improve their product quality, the enterprise is in a dominant position in the international trade environment.