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Tesla's New Patent Exposure: Automatic Activation Of Turn Signals
Sep 06, 2018

According to media reports, Tesla applied for a new patent to the relevant US departments, mainly related to automatic turn signal technology. This technology is not applied to the automatic driving system, but is designed to help auto-activate when the driver forgets or does not use the turn signal during daily driving.


The use of turn signals is a critical safety driving behavior when changing lanes and turning, but in actual driving, it is inevitable that people will occasionally forget to use this operation. Tesla hopes to propose a solution to this situation and use its current AutoPilot autopilot system to allow the vehicle to automatically detect when the driver should activate the turn signal. If the driver forgets to activate, the system will automatically activate the turn signal.

Tesla briefly describes the system in the patent document. The vehicle will measure the steering angle value in real time against the preset dynamic range, and then determine whether the vehicle is to change lanes or turn through the system processor and make corresponding The turn signal activates the operation.

In addition, Tesla proposed another similar patent, adding sensors to complete the automatic activation of the turn signal. There is currently no definitive message as to when new patented features can be used in vehicles.