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China's Red Illuminates Dubai Night Sky The World's Tallest Building Opens The Brightest LED Light Show
Aug 01, 2018

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, local time at 20:56 and 21:56 on the 19th, 828 meters high, the world's tallest building, Burj Khalifa, under the magic of LED, instantly turned into a giant five-star red flag, dazzling Chinese red The night sky is illuminated, and the lucky lighting is LED lighting made in China. The mood at this time is very exciting.

Lucky lighting

Burj Khalifa, wearing a "five-star red flag"

The Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high, with a total of 162 floors and a cost of 1.5 billion US dollars, breaking the 492-meter record of the Shanghai World Financial Center Building. There are 56 lifts in the building with a speed of up to 17.4 m/s. There are also double-decker sightseeing lifts that can carry up to 42 people at a time.

Not only in Burj Khalifa, but also in some famous landmark buildings in the UAE, Chinese colors have appeared in these two days.

Lucky lighting LED outdoor lighting.png

These Chinese-lit buildings are all designed to welcome Chinese President Xi Jinping from afar. From 19th to 24th, President Xi paid a state visit to the United Arab Emirates, Senegal, Rwanda and South Africa, and transited to Mauritius from July 27th to 28th for a friendly visit.

The UAE's "National Daily" website said in a report on the 17th: "This is not the first time the United Arab Emirates has lighted up to show friendly electronic lighting to foreign countries, but this time it will be the largest (largest scale)."

This event is a demonstration of the power of LED lighting in China.