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Small Pitch And Mini LED Shipments, Accumulating A Record High In September
Oct 10, 2018

LED driver ICs accumulate small pitch and Mini LED driver IC shipments, announced September revenue of 305 million yuan (NTD, the same below), setting a new monthly high, due to the expansion of Mini LED application, mainland brand mobile phones and South Korea The cinema has successively adopted the Mini LED display. The legal person predicts that the Mini LED will enter the high growth period in 2019, and the accumulation will be given priority.

Accumulation announced that its revenue in September was 305 million yuan, a month-on-month increase of 14.22% and an annual increase of 16.14%, setting a record high. The third quarter revenue was 818 million yuan, an annual increase of 11.99%, slightly lower than the previous quarter; the first nine months Revenue was 2.343 billion yuan, an increase of 17.16%.

Accumulated September revenue was better than expected, mainly benefited from the small-distance shipments, the mainland customers were affected by the US-China trade war from stage production to single-piece production, the proportion of high-end driver IC shipments increased, plus Mini LEDs have a small amount of assists. At present, small-pitch driver ICs account for about 70% to 80% of niche-based driver ICs, while the proportion of Mini LEDs increases quarter by quarter.

At present, the pitch is 1.6mm, which is the mainstream specification. The pitch of 1.25mm will become the next-generation mainstream specification. It will be integrated into the integrated chip last year, integrating LED driver IC, MOSFET and peripheral IC, which has won praise from customers.

In addition to the mainland mobile phone customer verification, the Mini LED has gradually expanded its application. Samsung launched the LED cinema screen after South Korea and Switzerland, and entered the US, China and other regional markets. Follow-up plans to enter India, Indonesia and Russia. . The legal person predicts that the penetration rate of Mini LED will rise rapidly in 2019 and enter the high-speed growth period. The accumulation will be given priority.