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Home Decoration How To Choose LED Lights?
Jan 25, 2018

Living room decoration: Living room is the most family-run activities, decoration must use LED, non-radiation is beneficial to the health of family at the same time very energy-saving more money. Living room generally need to install ceiling lamps + spotlights (ceiling lights) + lights,

Select the living room ceiling lamp Note: The living room ceiling lamp is the main lighting effect of the lamp, do not pick too fancy ceiling lamp, although the surface looks good but care more upset, practicality is not strong, it is recommended to choose a simple and elegant ceiling lamp.

Select Spotlights (Ceiling) Note: Now ceiling spotlights are divided into matte, lens, metal, select the time to choose one of the lenses, so more transparent, the light is divided into 1W 1, 0.75 W one, to pick 1W a bead lamp enough power spotlights, this time is long enough, the light fades are relatively slow, bright enough.

Select light with attention: the light can not afford the main lighting role, the cost of electricity will not be too much, but will go around the living room, it is recommended not to choose too bad to replace the trouble, the light is divided into 3528,5050 two, It is recommended to use the best 5050 light belt. With what color lamp, according to the living room decoration style may be, so naturally can not be sudden.

Some people do not like simple and modern ceiling lamps, like fancy style ceiling lamps, if you have enough energy to care, but the crystal light source that is the choice of candle lights to pay attention to, and now the market candle lights are divided into traditional lamp beads 180-degree light-emitting and 360-degree light-emitting chip two, to choose 360-degree light, so no light dead ends, the light is more uniform. In addition to ceiling lamps, spotlights, bulb in all places can be applied.

Bedroom decoration: Bedroom is in addition to the living room family activities more than the second place, be sure to use LED lamps, radiation-free energy-saving, LED lamps can better care for their families.

Selection of bedroom lighting should not be too fancy, because now the commercial floor level is not too high, and more things in the bedroom, take care trouble, so the simple and elegant ceiling is better, the bulb is the best choice to create a warm and romantic .

If the pro have a soft spot for crystal lamps, there is enough energy to clean the human body, crystal lamp light source selection reference to the living room decoration should be selected SMD 360-degree light-emitting candle lights - light without dead ends, the light is more uniform.

Kitchen bathroom renovation: kitchen bathroom is not too many places for families to stay in, the kitchen may be cooking that time to be inside, the bathroom is in need of it.

(Kitchen and toilet lights are divided into round and square shape, each shape is divided into outfit installation, choose which shape outfit installation can be based on personal preferences to choose)

(1): an area of 2-5 square meters for 6W kitchen lamp

(2): The area of about 7 square 8W kitchen lamp

(3): The area of about 9 square 12W kitchen lamp

Study balcony decoration: study balcony Although not the most family place to stay, but if you like to learn or often read in the study, so the study of the lamp must be LED, not dazzling eyes did not radiation, ceiling or panel light good. Balcony LED lighting will not provoke mosquitoes, and energy saving, ceiling is better.