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Nanchang New City Smart City Project Smoothly Promoted
Oct 07, 2018

A few days ago, the reporter saw at the construction site of the new city foundation and public supporting facilities project in the newly-built area of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province: several bulldozers, scrapers and asphalt paving machines roared. On the roadside where asphalt has been laid, a crane slowly hoisted a smart street lamp. Several workers wearing "dusting lighting engineering" clothes worked closely together with the lifting work. The construction of the project was in an orderly manner. Advance.


It is understood that the new city project is located in Changchun New District, a new district of Nanchang City. The total land area is about 3,000 mu. It is a modern high-quality complex livable new city integrating ecological livability, dynamic trade, culture and leisure. In order to improve the level of urban management and services, the new urban high starting point plan will be built, and the smart city will be included in the construction of basic and public supporting facilities.

According to the implementation of the new city smart city project Fang Qin Shang Optoelectronics related person in charge, in response to the development orientation of the new city, Qinshang Optoelectronics has tailored the smart city Internet of Things as a whole solution, with smart street lights as the carrier and integrated wisdom. Lighting management system, video surveillance system, WiFi coverage system, information release system, emergency alarm system, etc. Qinshang Optoelectronics will install 766 sets of smart street lamps on 13 municipal roads including Yilu Road, Changchun Road, Shigang Road, Xuenan Road, Lehua Road and Xishan Road.


The relevant person in charge of the project department of Jiangxi Traffic Engineering Group Co., Ltd. said that the current smart street lamps have been installed in two batches according to the project schedule. With the completion of infrastructure such as roads and pipe networks, the progress of the project will be further accelerated. After all the installation and commissioning is completed, Xincheng City will use smart street lights as the entrance and establish a comprehensive system, scientific and orderly, efficient and convenient city management with new technologies such as big data, Internet, Internet of Things and intelligence. The service operation mechanism, and the new city smart city will also become the largest smart city construction project in China.