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LED Tube The Light Source Material
Jul 17, 2017

LED Tube The light source material

Several factors that affect the quality of the lamp

A, heat dissipation

The heat accumulation of LED bulbs not only influences the electrical performance of the LED, but also may eventually lead to LED failure. Therefore, in order to ensure T8LED glass tubes, the life of a heat dissipation become one of the key technology of white LED application rapid dissipation reduced or the LED heat become white LED the primary problems in the application design.

2. Light source material

LED to point sources, if you use less leds, then the LED will emit a lot of heat in the process of work, make the pipe junction temperature rising rapidly, LED power is higher, the greater the heating effect. LED chips will lead to the rise of temperature electro-optic conversion efficiency with the change of light-emitting device performance attenuation, serious when even failure.

3. Power supply

LED power supply quality directly restrict the reliability of LED products, therefore, foreign customers in the international market for the LED drive power conversion efficiency, effective power, accuracy of constant current, the power life, electromagnetic compatibility requirements are very high, because the role of power in the lamps and lanterns is as important as the heart of the people.

LED bulbs are becoming increasingly popular with Thai consumers, as more companies compete with the LED lighting market to lower prices. At present, the average price of LED lighting bulbs has fallen from about six to seven times that of ordinary bulbs three years ago to about two to four times the current level. Some LED bulbs, especially those with no more than 8 watts, are priced in close proximity to the normal price.

In addition, because the LED lamp energy saving features and its service life is longer than the ordinary lamp, government departments to promote energy saving and encourage the use of leds to replace fluorescent tube, encourage small and medium-sized enterprises and some consumers to choose more leds, and factories, farms, or a new house or apartment decoration and so on all use leds, because that install the LED lamp is more economical in the long term.

All of these factors could lead to a significant increase in the demand for LED lighting bulbs in Thailand and the continued growth of the LED lighting market.

Prediction research center, LED lighting tubes market value is expected to 2016 by 2015, 3.73 billion baht (about 696 million yuan) to expand to 49.8 5.15 billion baht (about 9.30-962 million yuan), year-on-year growth to extend by 27.7% in 2015 to 33.5 38.1%. Gross lighting lamp market in 2016 will reach 219.7 22.38 billion baht (RMB 41.04-4.181 billion), 6-8% higher than the 2015 20.72 billion baht, including LED lighting lamp proportion is expected to reach 23.0% of the market value.

Kaitai research center is expected, if the family and the business sector to switch to LED lighting lamp replacement ordinary lamp accounts for the proportion of 10% of the total lighting tube, will lead to Thailand every year may save the floodlight power expenditure of 8.19 billion baht, accounted for 5.9% of all lights power expenditure. If the proportion of LED lighting bulbs can reach 50% of the existing lighting bulbs, the annual energy saving will be as high as 409499 billion baht, accounting for 29.4% of all lighting costs.