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LED Tube More Solid And Reliable
Sep 18, 2017

LED Tube More solid and reliable

led lamp how to do long life?

LED lamp power consumption is one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp, life is 10 times the traditional fluorescent lamp, with the traditional fluorescent lamp brightness is basically the same, the normal life of 30,000 hours or more, saving up to 70% or more, long-term Use without the need to replace, reduce labor costs, more suitable for difficult to replace the occasion. LED lamp body itself is the use of epoxy resin and not the traditional glass, more solid and reliable, even if the drop on the floor of the LED will not easily damaged, you can safely use.

   LED tube shape, size and traditional fluorescent lamps, can replace the traditional lamps. The normal life of energy-saving LED tubes should be 8000 hours (3 to 4 years). "In general, energy-saving lamp power consumption is only about 20% of ordinary incandescent bulbs." Some good quality brand of energy-saving LED lamp life of up to 10,000 hours, the average life expectancy of products in 1000 hours or so, And some even lit for 20 minutes will burn, life is not a candle. "Good energy-saving lamps, lamps using high-efficiency three-color phosphor, the better will use water coating powder coating process, and poor quality energy-saving lamps, the use of halogen tube, this lamp although the price is low, but short life , Low luminous efficiency. "

   A long life LED tube, through the external power supply, including: drive power external, the second drive power, LED tube and built-in power supply into one; LED light power input and single pole double throw relay The electric power input of the single pole double throw relay is electrically connected with the power supply output terminal of the first driving power source.

  Power is the primary requirement is high efficiency, fever is low on the stability will be high. Usually in the power part of the useful isolation and non-isolation of the two programs, isolated volume is too large, low efficiency, in use, the installation will have a lot of problems, as non-isolated products, the market prospects, we mainly discuss non-isolated Of the drive program.

Non-isolated use of LED fluorescent power, the basic line: power characteristics:

 Low power consumption, high efficiency, high power factor; with load open circuit and short circuit protection, the output overvoltage protection function, the current ripple characteristics of good, the output of the power supply (85 ~ 265V), external MOS, power unrestricted; Current similar to DC DC, no light flash phenomenon, high load capacity, can drive up to 600mA of current;

  The use of Taiwan's patented structure of the LED lamp beads, the chip placed on the pin, the heat can be directly through the silver core chip nodes produced by the tropical, with the traditional line products, and the traditional patch products in the heat of the quality Different, the chip node temperature will not accumulate, so as to ensure the good use of light source lamp beads to ensure that the light lamp beads long life, low light failure. The traditional patch products, although the chip through the gold line to connect the positive and negative, but also to the chip heat generated by gold wire connected to the silver feet, heat and electricity are conduction by the money, the accumulation of heat for a long time Will directly affect the life of LED lamps.