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LED Tube Mainly Divided Into
Jul 04, 2017

LED Tube Mainly divided into

1, led bulb internal drive

Mainly divided into: resistance drive and IC constant current drive

Resistance to drive the voltage fluctuation range is very narrow, encountered voltage instability, there will be easy to burn flash strobe. The new light source can use the low voltage range of 100V-130V, high voltage range of 220-240V.

IC constant current drive can accept 10% of the voltage fluctuation range, usually available low pressure range of 90-160V, high pressure range of 160-260V, no flicker light source longer life.

2, led bulb light beads difference

Common bulb lamp beads are 5730 and 2835, the brightness is 2835 due to 5730, the biggest difference is the difference between single power. 3, led bulb light mouth difference

Ultra-US conventional lamp E27, E14 and B22, to meet the needs of different domestic and foreign customers.

4, led bulb substrate

Glass fiber board: made of glass fiber cloth, low cost, high pressure, but the poor heat market price is more acceptable.

Aluminum plate: by a special metal-based CCL, thermal conductivity is good, the cost is relatively high. In the high-end LED bulb basically will use high-quality aluminum plate, which distinguishes the high bulb Middle and low. The popularity of the concept of environmental protection so that everyone on the lighting of the key changes in the concept of indoor lighting more and more people choose led fluorescent tube, not only energy saving and long life of many advantages

The On the "led fluorescent tube energy" argument a lot of people skeptical attitude. Led lamp can not be replaced, is the brightness and a lot of convenient advantages. The price is that we can not all access On the one hand, if the brightness of a led fluorescent tube with ordinary fluorescent light, the price is 30 yuan a, then the penetration rate will be higher.

Led fluorescent tube energy-saving argument is mainly derived from the led light source, the chip light beads light to ensure the same brightness under the premise of increasing the limit to reduce the energy loss. Specific energy-saving grade will root According to the product quality of the light source, cooling equipment and power to compare, take led fluorescent tube, the traditional to match the ballast, led to the built-in constant current light source drive. Market led lamp by link

There are two different ways: single-ended wiring and double-ended wiring. The company sold the certification, then it must be single-ended power supply, drive requirements are constant current isolation. In accordance with the requirements of the EU CE, double-ended lamp is safe Hidden danger is not in line with EU standards. So we use more for the single-ended wiring lamp.

Single-ended is more secure than double-ended, double-ended power When the lamp into a stent, and then install the other end, if your hand touches the PIN or aluminum will likely form a circuit back Road (a little physical knowledge should all understand), so there is a risk of electric shock, take now the integration is also more secure single-ended. 1, different functions optional

Not only have a single tube for the bracket lighting, but also the popular integrated lighting tube, the use of different regional options are also different.

2, different materials optional

Different materials led fluorescent tube to meet the different needs of customers, the light source material glass, plastic, aluminum and other plastic, better transparency of the plastic plastic plastic is more widely used quality is relatively better.

3, after sale is more favorable

Lamp products we all know that the way of shipment vulnerable to bad, good after-sales is a great guarantee.