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LED Tube Internal Structure
Aug 14, 2017

Daily lighting is always inseparable from the LED fluorescent tube, its structure composed you understand?

In addition to the naked eye can see the lamp shell, lamp and accessories on the internal structure of very few people understand. The internal structure is usually: light source, circuit boards, power, lamp beads, etc., for the LED lamp beads is commonly used is the patch light beads, according to the shape of a small power in-line and high-power patch, The High-power integrated chip type light source was round, the specific light efficiency, lumens according to the specific model of the lamp beads to distinguish between the common lamp beads model in addition to everyone to understand the 2835 and 5730 there is 5730 and 4040 and so on. Different products are different use of lamp beads, such as high-power cast light is the use of three integrated optoelectronic integrated chip, the brightness is also very different in terms of difference.

LED fluorescent tube energy saving know that the general 16w led lamp equivalent to nearly three times the power of the traditional light source, energy saving will reach more than 60%. The biggest advantage is that the use of the process will not release toxic gases, we have been assured that the use of a major point. In the purchase of LED fluorescent tube why more people choose constant current drive, because when the lamp using constant current series is conducive to the entire lighting system life extension.

LED fluorescent tube how to achieve the normal use of serial and parallel? Such as a number of production lines with all the lights in series or series, then the whole line will cause no small impact. Now integrated packaging LED, insurance for the general internal chip are used in the first string after the way, a short circuit will not cause all can not work. When it is red, yellow and blue when the best not to parallel, only yellow and white can be. Like the ultra-US lighting T5 integrated lamp, the installation of 1.2 meters can not be more than 4 in series, 0.9 meters can not be more than 5 in series, 0.6 meters, then it can not be more than 6 in series, before or to understand the details of the next note Installation and use. Look at the market plastic led fluorescent tube, occupy more than half of the LED lighting market. Plastic material on the quality of the lamp is good or bad, the biggest controversy is the heat problem. Different market demand for the pursuit of a higher cost, and now the market a good point of the plastic lamp holder for the flame retardant material for the thermal conductivity of plastic materials, good thermal conductivity with aluminum can also be a good heat, to meet the normal conditions There will be no deformation and high temperature melting lamp and other phenomena, the general LED lamp light effect equivalent to 2-3 times the traditional lamp, low energy consumption lower heat for the lamp to reduce the burden of heat.

We are now common led fluorescent tube has been processed after the high-performance products, the basic heat and life of 30000h are able to meet, the purchase of customers do not have to worry about the use of rest assured.