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LED Tube Indoor Lighting Source
Sep 27, 2017

LED Tube Indoor lighting source

The popularity of environmental protection concept so that everyone on the lighting of the key changes in the concept of indoor lighting more and more people choose led fluorescent tube, not only energy saving and long life of many advantages.

On the "led fluorescent energy saving" argument a lot of people skeptical attitude. led lamp can not be replaced, is the brightness and a lot of convenient advantages. The price is that we can not accept all the one hand, if a led fluorescent tube brightness and ordinary fluorescent lights as bright, the price is 30 yuan a, then the penetration rate will be higher.

led fluorescent tube energy-saving argument is mainly derived from the led light source, the chip light beads to ensure the same brightness under the premise of increasing the limit to reduce the energy loss. Specific energy-saving grade will be based on the product's light source quality, cooling equipment and power to compare, take led fluorescent tube, the traditional to match the ballast, led to the built-in constant current light source drive. Buy LED fluorescent tube most consumers worry about is the quality of the problem, the lights do not shine, more and more dark and strobe problem, the family lighting to understand the problem of repair repair more convenient.

One, connected not bright

We are common to power off the light off, the traditional light source to determine the ballast is damaged, the treatment is to detect both ends of the filament, it is recommended to buy constant current integrated lamp, even if the voltage is unstable and more secure use. The installation of the bracket on the starter and the ballast removed directly connected to the 220v AC on it.

Second, both ends of the lamp body black

Both ends of the black led fluorescent tube is a common phenomenon of daily lighting, indicating that the light effect should be replaced lamp. This phenomenon occurs in the traditional light source. We generally know that LED fluorescent tube energy saving, but how much money may not be clear. Xiaobian below to bring you count account, look at a LED lights in the end for you how much money?

Take a 1.2m18w led fluorescent tube and 40w ordinary lamp for comparison, the area selected in the supermarket irradiation area by 15 hours, electricity by 1 yuan 1 degree calculation, 3 years down a LED lamp than the general total Saving about 270 yuan.

Take life to calculate the use of an LED fluorescent tube is equivalent to six ordinary lamp, the latter part of the maintenance costs to save the self-evident. This is just a savings, if it is factories, workshops and shopping malls relatively large area, can save the amount of money is very alarming. Application of small aspects of LED lighting is to save money, from the big side that is the national energy conservation, energy conservation related to you and me.