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LED Tube Environmental Protection Lamps
Sep 06, 2017

LED Tube Environmental protection lamps

LED fluorescent tube is the choice of LED white light as a light source, the shell for the light distribution cover / aluminum, power sub-built-in power and external power supply two. Now the external power supply is now basically selected, multi-use built-in power supply.

LED fluorescent tube and the traditional fluorescent tube in the appearance of the same caliber, the length of 60cm and 120cm, 150cm three, the power were 8W, 9W, 10W, 12W, 15W, 16W and 20W, and 60cm traditional fluorescent lamp power consumption About 26W, 120cm traditional fluorescent lamp (electric power consumption is about 45W; LED fluorescent tube only 40% of the traditional lamp, is efficient energy-efficient lighting products.

LED fluorescent lamp strengths:

1, environmental protection lamps, maintenance of the earth

Traditional fluorescent lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor, if broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. But the LED fluorescent lamp is not the use of mercury, and LED products are not lead, play a role in maintaining the environment.

2, efficient conversion, reduce fever

Traditional lighting will be a lot of heat, and LED lamps are all converted into light energy, will not form a power of spoil. And the documents, clothing will not fade scene. (This sentence to be professionals to adjust. LED will be hot, and heat will form LED light failure, it needs to strengthen the cooling function of LED lamps)

3, noisy, no noise

LED lighting will not be noise, on the use of fine electronic equipment for the best choice. Suitable for libraries, units and the like.

4, soft light, maintenance of eyes

The traditional fluorescent use of 220V communication power, so every second will occur 100-120 times the strobe. LED lighting is the direct conversion of direct communication into DC, will not happen shining, maintenance of eyes. 5, no UV, no mosquitoes

LED lamps do not produce ultraviolet light, so compared with the traditional lamps, fewer mosquitoes around the light source. The room will become more clean and clean.

6, the voltage scale: 80V-245V

The traditional fluorescent lamp is lit by the high voltage released by the rectifier, and can not be lit when the voltage drops. And LED lamps in a certain size of the voltage can be lit within, but also adjust the brightness.