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LED Tube Drive Requirements
Oct 11, 2017

LED Tube Drive requirements

There are two kinds of led lamp tube in different ways: single terminal and double terminal. If the company sells the authentication, it must be single-ended power, and the driving requirement is constant current isolation. According to the eu CE requirement, the double-end lamp tube is a safety hazard which does not meet the eu standard. So our daily use is a single - end socket.

Single-ended is safer than the double side, double side electricity when the bulb a fit in the bracket after the installation at the other end of the time, if your hand to touch the PIN or aluminum will likely form a loop (a little physical knowledge should know), so there is a risk of electric shock, integration to now also is single and safer.

The popularization of environmental protection has led to a key change in lighting thinking, and more and more people in indoor lighting are choosing led fluorescent lamps, which are not only energy saving, but also many advantages of eye protection.

A lot of people are skeptical about "led fluorescent lamp tube energy saving". Leds can't be replaced by brightness and many convenient advantages. On the one hand, if an led fluorescent tube is as bright as a normal fluorescent lamp, and the price is 30 yuan, the penetration rate will be higher.

The main reason for the energy-saving of led fluorescent lamp tube is from led light source, the light of the lamp-lamp bead illuminance is guaranteed brightness invariable, increase the limit to reduce the energy loss. Specific energy level will be according to the product quality of the light source, the cooling equipment and power supply to compare, and then take the led fluorescent tube, the traditional ballast, led the built-in constant light source driver. The daily lighting always depends on LED fluorescent lamp tube, its structure composition you understand?

There is little understanding of the inner structure of the inner structure, except for the shell, lamp, and fittings that we can see. Internal structure is usually: light source, circuit boards, power, lamp beads, etc., is commonly used for LED lamp bead patch lamp bead, according to the shape of a small power into type high power and patch type, generally for the side lighting. High-power integrated chip type illuminant assumes the circular, photosynthetic efficiency, lumen to differentiated according to the particular type of lamp bead, common lamp bead model in addition to you to understand the 2835 and 5730 and 5730 and 4040. The use of different lamp beads is different, as the high-power lighting lamp USES the three - an optoelectronic integrated chip, which is also very different in brightness.

The energy-saving of LED fluorescent lamp tube is known, general 16w LED lamp tube is equal to its nearly three times power of traditional light source, energy conservation will achieve more than 60 %. The biggest advantage is that there is no release of toxic gas during the use of the process.