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LED Street Lights, Public Security Monitoring, Etc. Multi-pole Integration! 300 New Street Lights Yangzhou On Duty
Oct 12, 2018

On October 10, citizens of Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province, can see on the side of Wenchang Road that streetlight installation and construction personnel are installing signs on the "multi-pole" poles of Jiefangqiao East. The highest section above these poles is LED street lights. The following are public security monitoring, road signs and so on. With the installation of the East Light Bar of Jiefang Bridge, nearly 300  “Multi-pole” lights were all installed and officially opened on Wenchang Road.

In the past, the yellow umbrella lamps were installed on Wenchang Road in Yangzhou City. These streetlights were separated from the public security monitoring, traffic lights, road signs and bus signs. They not only waste resources, but also make the road seem messy. Beautiful. This time, the Wenchang Road renovation and upgrading project in Yangzhou City has also been upgraded and renovated. At the same time, the "multi-pole" pole was installed.


The original street lamp "Little Yellow Umbrella" served for nearly 20 years

The so-called "multi-bar combination" light pole, that is, the light pole installed at the intersection along the line, not only installs the street light, but also installs public security monitoring, traffic lights, road signs and bus signs according to the situation. The person in charge of the Yangzhou City Lighting Management Office introduced the implementation of “multi-pole integration”, no longer a pole for a project, saving resources and reducing visual obstacles.

The renovation of the lighting facilities of the Wenchang Road renovation project in Yangzhou City starts from Guangling Bridge in the east and reaches Yangzhou West in the west. The total length is about 16 kilometers. A total of 732 new street lamps need to be installed. Most of them are simple streetlight poles, which have been basically installed. There are also nearly 300  poles with multiple poles, which integrate functions such as monitoring and street lighting. At present, there are no street lamps that have not been replaced on the road surface, and most of them are waiting for the installation of "multi-bar" poles.


New street lights such as "Seagull Spreading Wings"

Compared with the original installed street lamps, what kind of feeling does the public feel? Many people in the interview think that the new lights are simpler and more beautiful, more beautiful and brighter than the original yellow umbrella lights on the road, bringing drivers and passers-by Come for more security.

The new street lights, such as "Seagull Spreading Wings", are simple, elegant, light and beautiful; between the lamp head and the light pole, there is also a "lantern". The upper part of the "lantern" is engraved with the Wenchang Pavilion shape, and the lower half is engraved with a splash shape. "There is a reflective cylinder installed in it, which will turn the pale yellow warm light to the ground."

"In the past, the lights on Wenchang Road were darker. The opposite side of the car was more dazzling and the safety was threatened. Now I don't worry about it!" Master Zhao told reporters, "There are many typhoons this year. When the typhoon arrived, I was afraid of strong winds." The umbrella-shaped lamp head blows off the wind, and the new lamp holder is made of aluminum alloy. The shape is simple and it is not windy. Don't worry anymore!"