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LED Light Shell Material
Sep 27, 2017

LED light shell material

Lighting market led fluorescent like a layer of veil, low-cost promotional items so that we do not know how to pick. The following manufacturers with everyone to analyze:

1, the actual power is a major factor affecting the price

Non-manufacturers purchase the way the LED light source, lamp beads power may not actually mark the foot tile. This price is reflected above the obvious, less than the general price of tile lower, you want to buy a good light source must not be cheap.

2, the brightness of different prices are also different

Brightness is mainly determined by the chip and lamp beads, the use of imported high-chip chips need to buy regular brand manufacturers lamps.

3, shell material

Ordinary led fluorescent colloid is used in epoxy resin, and some products for the flame retardant material prices naturally not very low. Our common led fluorescent light is warm, warm white and white three light color, white light is applied on different occasions more. Research pointed out: more and more indoor LED applications, a large area of white use will be detrimental to your sleep, in fact, warm white than white is more conducive to sleep, home lighting is a very good choice.

Dr. Skinner said. "Shielding Blu-ray does not solve all the problems." In addition to the intensity of color light will also affect the sleep, so the choice of sleep quality lamps or to be more careful.

led fluorescent white in addition to warm white, white and white is white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, white, Workplace. Strobe is the LED fluorescent industry, a major problem, whether it is energy-saving lamps or new LED light source will exist strobe. Why would such a problem Xiaobian lead us to look at:

Strobe is defined in the switch cycle during the continuous fluctuations in the light, in the lighting market LED fluorescent use of DC, according to the probability of occurrence of strobe is very low, but if it is converted by the transformer DC, itself with AC is very easy to cause fluctuations in voltage instability.

In the life of the LED fluorescent lamp abnormal range of strobe will cause great harm to the eyes, long flash strokes will be easy to bad. But in the purchase of how to test it? In addition to direct observation of the eye there is a simple way, that is, with the camera, the phone will not flash to see the light. Because the sampling frequency is different so it is not necessarily very accurate.