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LED Light More And More
Oct 11, 2017

LED Light More and more

Our common led fluorescent lamps are warm, warm and white, and white light is used in many different occasions. Research points out: indoor LED application is more and more, the widespread use of white light will not be conducive to your sleep, actually warm white light is more conducive to sleep than white light, it is a good choice for home lighting.

"Dr. Skene said. "Shielding blue light does not solve all problems". In addition to the intensity of color light can affect the sleep, so it is important to choose the quality of sleep quality lamp.

The led fluorescent lamp of white light in addition to the warm white, is white and cold white is slant blue white, workplace environment application requirements vary, home jewelry lighting use warm white, workplace engineering lighting most of white light, cold white in a specific workplace. The problem of heat is a common problem in LED bulbs. The main performance is that as the LED power increases, more and more people pay more attention to the heat problem.

There are two main reasons:

1. Analysis from the perspective of energy transformation: the energy cannot be changed by 100 percent. The heat loss will be generated, and the heat problems of LED bulbs will be generated.

2. Lack of heat dissipation function in research and development: the bulb in the market is in the price war, and the heat dissipation function is not fully taken into account in the research and development process, and there is no radiator or even the radiator hole. It reduces the overall life of the product.

This will extend to the quality of LED, and why some of the same products are made of aluminum base plates, because the aluminum plates themselves have better heat dissipation, and the price is very different. The price of the cast aluminum bulb is much higher than that of the other, and the shell is much higher than the normal LED bulb.

The so-called LED dead light refers to the situation where LED lights are not bright. There are many reasons for the death lamp.

1. Quality problems

The quality of the led lights is uneven, and different degrees of dead light will be produced by the bead of the production, especially with the highest rate of green and blue red dead lights. In the process of welding, the temperature of the soldering iron is too high to control the lamp.

2. Improper use

LED light is too large to be used in the high-load work, leading to the serious failure of LED light, and the death lamp can be used a little time, which can not guarantee the life of LED lamp.

3. Other factors

In addition to some quality problems of the product itself, it is also the collision extrusion during the transportation process that causes the connection line fracture to lead directly to the use of the light.

In order to avoid the death lamp of LED lamp, lighting reminds you to choose a normal lighting brand.