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LED Light High Reliability
Aug 14, 2017

LED Light High reliability

LED lights from 2009 in the developed countries into the main lighting popularity, because of its environmental protection, small size, high reliability, and gradually into the eyes of consumers in China, thus, also a lot of new LED lamp manufacturers. With the development of LED lights, LED lights market has gradually developed, so far, mainly through the following stages.

  1, LED lighting replacement stage

 This stage is the initial stage of the development of LED lamps, when the LED light high efficiency, long life, but the high price, mainly used for business according to the market, customers are still in the habit and appearance of the transition and love process, not Into the civilian lighting, the LED lamp manufacturers fight is the quality and price advantage.

   2, LED lighting utility model stage

     At this stage, the market has a certain recognition and acceptance of LED lights, LED lamps at this time small size, energy saving, high reliability features gradually highlighted, LED lamp manufacturers to develop a series completely different from the traditional light source Applications of the popular products, such as LED bulb, LED downlight, LED ceiling lamp, LED ceiling lamp and other products gradually into the ordinary civilian family, the light source is not just play the role of lighting, it is more paste into the work of people And life. At this point, LED lamp manufacturers fight is the design application advantages.

  3, LED lighting intelligent control stage

  This stage of the rapid development of LED lights, from the family to the office building, from the road to the tunnel, from the car to the walk, from the auxiliary lighting to the main lighting, everywhere LED lighting figure, and gradually to the intelligent control of lighting development, Bring a higher level of service. LED lighting industry from a simple product to provide the overall solution forward.

   And home appliances LED lights will also become a hot market, the current market, home LED lamps, including LED bulb, LED ceiling lamp, LED downlight, LED ceiling, then the quality of these products? From May 8, Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau announced the results of spot checks, the current LED household lighting small brands are more expensive, the lack of relevant national standards.