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LED Light From The Structure
Sep 06, 2017

LED light From the structure

With the LED lighting more and more widely used in the use of LED lamps in the process of different lighting problems are increasingly prominent, lighting manufacturers on the LED lighting some of the basic causes of damage and selection elements for everyone to do a simple introduction ;

  First of all we have to roughly understand the structure from the LED lighting several major components,

The first part is the shell or the radiator components; this part is a direct impact on the LED lamp cooling effect and service life, the same size of the power of the lamp; the shell to do the thicker, heavier In general, the relative Heat treatment will be better than some thin shell, in fact, is also a disguised extension of the life of LED lamps, the general simple way is to manually touch the radiator or shell, the touch temperature can be placed directly on the radiator or shell for the Good, if the shell temperature for the feel can not be touched, then this type of lamp cooling treatment defects, may have an impact on the life of LED lamps themselves;

The second part is the light source, the general LED lighting is mainly produced by the LED light source to produce illumination, so the general choice of light source above, for the heat of the treatment, a single small power LED light source than a single high-power LED Light source of the radiator to be slightly better, but many manufacturers also use less than the power of the light source to increase the number; increase the drive power to achieve short-term high brightness or full power, which led directly to the LED light source of rapid attenuation and damage ; The common phenomenon is the beginning of the time when the brightness of the lamp is better, after a period of time, the entire LED light source surface yellow, the rapid decline in brightness, and finally not bright, these are likely to heat treatment is not good Or the lack of light source part of the direct damage caused by the reasons; if the local light source is damaged, then the entire LED lamps may also have some areas to have brightness; this basically can determine the light source part of the problem;

The third part is to drive the power part; in general, the normal operation of the LED light source is to use a constant current to control the luminous brightness, the greater the drive current means that the higher the brightness of light, but also means that the greater the constant power of the lamp ;

So the choice of drive power when you can see the shell above the standard label electrical parameters, the output current and voltage is roughly multiplied by the power supply power supply; if this part of the damage, LED lighting is not bright; Can only replace the entire drive power.