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LED Light Energy Saving And Longevity
Jul 17, 2017

LED Light Energy saving and longevity

Select LED lights to look "four"

As LED lamps are becoming more and more popular, the market is full of patterns that make consumers have no way to start. So how do you choose the best LED lights? Wang linkang, secretary general of the city lighting association, told reporters, "LED light products are uneven and consumers can be selected by naked eye and simple tests."

The first step is to look at the outer packing of LED lights. The state has a requirement on the outer packing of LED lights. The rated voltage, voltage range, rated power and rated frequency must be marked. High quality LED lighting products packaging and printing quality is good, clear, wipe with wet cloth is not easy to rub off, and inferior products printing is poor, font fuzzy, some products manufacturers don't even have a logo, also have no relevant certification marks.

Watch the LED light tube in the second step. Put together the multi-led lamp of the same product to watch, the quality manufacturer general consistency is good, does not appear the tube surface unevenness and so on. The interface of high quality LED lamp has a slope with the spiral port, which is convenient for installation, which prevents the installation personnel from being electrocuted. However, some of the low-quality LED lamp contacts are round, and there are hidden dangers. Pull at the screw slightly. If there is a loose connection, the quality is faulty and should not be purchased.

The third step is temperature. The LED lights are placed on an electric seat for a few minutes, and the average LED light is slower to rise and the temperature is lower, and if the temperature is higher, it will affect the life of the LED lamp and not buy it.

Step 4: interfere with the test. When working with LED lights, you can turn on the radio and put it near the LED lamp. The lower the noise of the radio, the better the quality of the LED lights.

Test preparation

Use the largest measuring instrument in ningbo city to measure three kinds of lamps

Which of the three most common bulbs, incandescent, energy-saving and LED lights, is high? The reporter bought three common light bulbs from the market for comparison experiment.

The price of these three bulbs is from 3 yuan to 50 yuan, of which the incandescent lamp has a rating of 100 watts. The energy-saving lamp is rated at 20 watts, equivalent to the brightness of 100 watt incandescent bulbs. LED lights are rated at 9 watts, and the corresponding incandescent bulb is 100 watts.

The test instrument is a steel measuring ball with a diameter of 3 m. According to saibao staff, the ball of steel measurement and light is a hollow sphere used for photometric measurement. The surface of the ball is coated with diffuse white paint, and the illumination in any direction of the ball is the same. In the body, the distribution of various light-sensitive instruments and current, voltage measuring instrument can be used to test the light, light flux and color temperature of the light source. And the 3M in the sambo lab is the largest optical instrument in the city of ningbo.

Test results (1)

LED lights have the highest cost performance

In the ball of 3M, the crew connects the incandescent bulb to the 220 volt lamp holder, closes the ball, waits for 5 minutes, and determines the current to measure the actual power of the bulb. After testing, the electric current was 0.412, and the measured power was 92.56 watts.

In the same way, the energy-saving lamp is connected to the lamp holder of 220 volts. Since the energy saving lamp has 10 minutes of light stabilization time, it is necessary to wait for the energy saving lamp to be stable before it can be tested. After testing, the energy saving lamp current was 0.1365, and the measured power was 18.65 watts.

Connect the LED lamp to the lamp holder, close the ball and measure the current of the LED lamp at 0.04579 Ann and the measured power is 9.337 watts.

From the above data, the actual power of the incandescent lamp is far higher than the power of other lights, thus the electricity consumption is the highest.

If from the point of cost, a 9 watts of the LED the market price of 50 yuan, and only 3 yuan to incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps need 15 yuan, buy a LED lamp is equivalent to buy 16 of incandescent lamp, three energy-saving lamps.