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LED Light Broad Market Prospects
Aug 28, 2017

LED light Broad market prospects

Talking about LED Bulb Market Trend

Because of its energy saving and environmental protection, high power LED bulbs, environmental protection, long life and other characteristics is considered to be its broad market prospects, relative to the LED low-power light bulbs, high-power LED light bulb concentration, higher efficiency, brighter brightness. However, high-power LED bulbs are not yet clear positioning, heat and other issues, then the development so far, LED high-power bulb status and prospects? What is its irreplaceable advantage, what are the shortcomings? Where is the future improvement and development direction?

The industry's "high-power LED bulbs," the standard division can not give a unified or clear answer, some companies believe that its application areas, more than 10W bulbs can be attributed to high power areas, some companies believe that from The entire product power, dozens of light bulbs can only be counted as "medium power" of the product, 100W or more can be called the real "power." Liya lighting LED bulb quality is good, you deserve to have oh.

According to Baidu Encyclopedia, LED bulb is the appearance of the people have been accustomed to the shape of the bulb, the internal light source selection LED lamp beads lighting products, with all the advantages of LED lamps, such as energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no flicker, green health The The high power LED is a large rated current with a light emitting diode. General LED product power is generally 0.05W, 20mA of operating current, high-power LED products can reach 1W, 2W, or even tens of watts, the working current can be tens of milliamps to several hundred milliamperes range. LED high-power is the so-called, mainly for low-power LED, high-power LED single power supply higher brightness brighter, higher prices. Can when we search for "LED high power bulbs" but can not find relevant keyword comments.

High-power energy-saving lamps and LED high-power light bulb applications are almost fully compatible, and LED high-power bulb lamp has an unparalleled advantage of energy-saving lamps, market segments will be very broad prospects. Can not eat this piece of the market "cake", LED bulbs is to improve technology, improve production capacity and cost-effectiveness.