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LED Lamps Use A Risky Single Ended Connection More Secure
Dec 23, 2016

International companies such as Philips Lighting LED lamps currently are in strict accordance with international standards, avoiding the security risk. But many companies are still using GB before the lack of standards, a large number of production and sales of potentially unsafe wiring LED double lamp.

In accordance with the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standard, secure connection mode is single ended connection LED lamps. And installation of a single-end connection of LED lamps and not so complex, newly renovated insert can be installed directly by the user, if it is to replace the existing fluorescent tubes, and only a qualified electrician rewiring, wiring quick and easy.

Meanwhile, Philips Lighting and single-ended connection launched LED lamp accessory products such as BN010C-T8 LED tube frame, you can save the steps to modify the line, installed directly. Side outlet is designed to ensure that at the time of installation can be easily resolved into the Terminal, the built-in fuse installation more secure. The tube frame after a long period of tests, standards, and single ended connection LED lamps combinations can work together to protect safety.