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Lamp General Service Life For How Long
Jan 25, 2018

First of all, we must distinguish between the concept of lamp life and average life expectancy, can not be confusing these two concepts.

Lamp life is the time from the beginning of use of the lamp to reach death; lamp average life expectancy is the number of lamps started to use half of the time the number of deaths; for the life of the led lamps are now major manufacturers are mentioning the light source of life is greater than how much hour. This formulation unscientific, led light theory of life are very long (provided that meet the specified temperature range, l70 light fades), but the overall life of a lamp is not simple life of the light source, the lamp also includes the driver, the lens Part of the impact. Therefore, the final lamp life should be the shortest life parts of all the lamp parts.

Now do a good domestic drive power and the use of silicon materials, lens life can reach 50,000 hours (provided that the lamps and lanterns to do the cooling requirements). For the life of sodium lamps, all manufacturers are mentioning the average life expectancy. Some people even suggested that the life of sodium lamp, "sodium lamp for street lamp life expectancy of 3 to 5 years, energy-saving inductive ballast will not be less than 20 years, lamps as well." I'm skeptical of such formulation.

The following are two actual data: Baotou Municipal Engineering Administration of the "street lamp maintenance costs of a single lamp," a.1) According to the actual situation of the city according to the average lamp life of 6000 hours, the year lighting time is 3960 Hour, the theoretical calculation bulb replacement period is t = 6,000 / 3,960 = 1.5 years, the lamp replacement rate is 0.67, according to the street lamp years of practical experience bulb replacement rate should be 0.95. 2) The theoretical lifetime of the ballast is 16,000 hours. The replacement cycle is t = 16,000 / 3,960 = 4 years and the replacement rate is 0.25. The ballast replacement rate should be 0.23 based on years of operating experience. 3) the life of the trigger reference lamp life is also set at 1.5 years, substitution rate of about 0.95. 4) The number of electronic control equipment by the frequency of 3000 times, the replacement period of 4 years, replacement rate of about 0.23. b. In the book "Streetlights" published by the Power Press in 2008, about 4.13 million sodium lamps were in use in more than 600 cities in the country. By the end of 2007, the average life expectancy of sodium lamps in the country was 4000 hours. In the first point, the practical substitution rate of sodium lamp is 0.95, in the second point, the average life expectancy of sodium is only 4000h. From the actual can see the life of sodium lamp far without 3.5 years, we can see the theoretical analysis of the results and the actual difference is too large.

As led street lamp life in the end is what? In the current uneven quality led lighting industry, I think we should first find some of the basic requirements of the product led lamps practical application, rather than to see some of the very bad company put a very bad product put led negative.