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Iphone Can't Afford It! How Far Is The Road To Micro LED Popularization?
Nov 21, 2018

Although OLED has now become a very popular display technology, the display industry has turned its attention to the next major change, which is Micro LED technology. The famous iphone started development in May 2017 and launched Apple Watch with Micro LED display technology. Samsung has also launched a new Micro LED TV at CES 2018. It looks like a thriving prosperity. scene.

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Although the future is bright, there is still a long way to go before the real popularity of Micro LEDs. Take the famous Apple, let's take a look at the banner of Micro LED display technology, but we can't always see the application of Micro LED on mobile phones, but instead use OLED. Is Apple really going to change?

In fact, the biggest reason is that this technology is still in the ivory tower, the manufacturing cost is expensive, and the current production capacity is still very low, basically there is no possibility of mass commercialization. In fact, to put it bluntly, even though the advantages of Micro LED are outstanding, Apple is indeed making efforts in the dark, but in the end it is because of objective reasons, choose to continue to use the OLED screen to complete the transition.

For Apple, whether it is the energy-saving advantage of the Micro LED screen, or the micro-LED display life is longer than the OLED, it is enough to support the deep digging of a number of manufacturers including Apple, but also give it to itself Got a small goal.

The emergence of any new things can not happen overnight, and may require a arduous process. This is the key reason why many manufacturers are still focusing on OLEDs. However, it is undeniable that high-end display panel manufacturers will definitely use Micro LEDs in the future. The main research direction.

Although we don't know how far the Micro LED is from the real road of popularity, even in 2019, the manufacturers have already set up the Flag, and the opportunity to challenge the two dependencies, after all, can still find some hope. Of course, we should also believe that scientific and technological progress will endow the possibilities of the future, and we will wait!