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International News|Another City In India Switched To LED Street Lights; LEDs Help New York Times Square New Year's Activities
Dec 29, 2018

India Mangaluru replaces existing street lights with LEDs

A few days ago, the city of Mangaluru in India decided to start the construction of “smart city” and will soon replace the existing street lamps with LED bulbs.

In recent years, the pace of LED adoption has accelerated throughout India. According to the UJALA initiative, the Indian government hopes to replace the current incandescent-based inefficient bulbs with high-efficiency LED bulbs by 2019, achieving energy-saving targets of more than 100 million kilowatts per hour.

LED helps New York Times Square crystal ball to shine on New Year's Eve

2018 is about to pass, getting closer to 2019, and many people have plans to go to the New Year's Eve.

As we all know, New York Times Square has always been the best choice for New Year's Eve. Its multi-year tradition has been more than 100 years old, attracting tourists from all over the world every year. The huge crystal ball is accompanied by the New Year's bell, plus Snowflakes and fireworks instantly turn into a sea of joy.

It is reported that this year's crystal ball is named "Harmony Gift", which is 12 feet in diameter and weighs nearly 6 tons. The curved sphere is covered by 2688 crystal triangles, of which 192 are made by Waterford Crystal. New pattern crystal plate. 2688 crystal triangle plates and 672 LED module block necklaces, the number of bulbs exceeds 32,000, with red, blue, green and white as the keynotes, combining more than 1,600 gorgeous colors. By then, visitors will have the opportunity to see the huge moment of the huge crystal ball falling from the sky at the 0 o'clock countdown.