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Inflatable Bag Inflatable Bag Effect
Jun 21, 2017

Inflatable Bag Inflatable bag effect

Inflatable bag effects editor

At the same loading speed, the crates filled with red wine in the air bag have an advantage over the box without the cushioning material, and the fruit in the box containing the cushioning material is compared with the fruit without the cushioning material, and the maximum yield limit Than the latter increased by 20% to 40%, and under the same load, the former deformation is much smaller than the latter. Buffer material through the gas in the gas stagnation and compression to absorb the escape energy, with excellent compressive energy absorption performance, which played a damping buffer to protect the role of melon. 

Inflatable bag effect: edit

1, the use of inflatable bags: inflatable bags can effectively prevent the truck, container or rail transport of goods in the movement. It fills the gap between the goods, supports the weight of the goods shaking, absorbs the shock, protects the goods from damage in the transport.

2, the transport of cargo damage is the most common, the biggest cargo damage factor is the transport process from front to back or about the direction of the collision between the goods caused by packaging damage.

3, the choice of inflatable bag size method: measuring the size of the gap between the goods; measuring the overall height of the cargo palletizing; measuring the depth of the pallet or the depth of the packaging size of the goods. This information is submitted to the supplier so that the supplier decides the specifications of the inflatable bag.

4, the need for protection: In order to normal use, if the goods are packed with sharp corners (such as wooden pallets, wooden boxes, etc.) in the inflatable bag on both sides of the corrugated cardboard or other flat sheet can effectively protect the inflatable bag is not punctured.

5, the use of inflatable bags required tools: air compressor, barometer.

Inflatable bag for the scope of editing

1. Electronic products: monitors, TV, camcorders, CAMCODER, air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines, etc .;

2. Ceramic products: glass, convex mirror, steel glass, bottles, handicrafts, pottery, porcelain, etc .;

3. Precision instruments: machinery, office equipment, watches, auto parts, piano;

(A) a product (pipe, image product) that may cause a fire or explosion to react with other mixtures,

5. bad fixed, moving may be due to the collision and the formation of paint products;

6. Wooden furniture, iron furniture, lighting equipment, fiber, chemical products, pharmaceuticals, tiles, steel, boilers, building materials and so on.