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Inflatable Bag Container Kraft Paper Balloon
Jun 05, 2017

Inflatable bags, English name gas bag, by the European and American countries leading the use of container-assisted transport materials. In the transport packaging industry, there are the following nickname: inflatable paper bags, container kraft paper airbags, container inflatable inflatable bags, inflatable bags, filling bags, container paper bags, container paper bags, container buffer airbags, container shock buffer bags The Its main types are the following two: kraft paper and weaving cloth, weaving cloth more than the number of kraft paper recycling more. Widely used in the container transport mode.

Inflatable bag [2] The outer bag is made of high strength kraft paper, PP bag and PE film. Inflatable bags of the outer bag, although only a layer of kraft paper, but the use of a special process and high-quality raw materials processing production, its strength is equivalent to foreign use of 2 to 3 layers of kraft paper production products. Inflatable bag is the only one with five layers of co-extruded nylon membrane (PA) made within the bag manufacturers, and other similar domestic products are used in the production of LDPE bag, regardless of strength, airtight or puncture resistance are far less than nylon membrane. Inflatable bag is a special one-way check valve, which can effectively prevent gas leakage after the completion of inflation, and its special design to protect the inflatable bag will not be damaged in the inflatable, and reduce the possibility of injury to the operator Sex.

In addition there is a class of inflatable bags is a single layer of LDPE or HDPE simple production, the use of simple gas nozzle, but after the special treatment of LDPE gas mouth, such inflatable bag production costs are low, but the pressure is not very high.

Inflatable bag advantages: edit

1. Cost savings. 2. Tailor-made, so that more perfect protection; 3. To improve the packing speed; 4. Cargo security; 5. Save storage space

Inflatable bag effects editor

At the same loading rate, the crates filled with red wine in the air bag have an advantage over the box without the cushioning material, and the fruit in the box containing the cushioning material is compared with the fruit without the cushioning material, and the maximum yield limit Than the latter increased by 20% to 40%, and under the same load, the former deformation is much smaller than the latter. Buffer material through the gas in the cell stagnation and compression to absorb the escape energy, with excellent compressive energy absorption performance, which played a damping buffer to protect the role of melon.