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How To Choose A Hard Disk Recorder
Dec 23, 2016

DVR brands and types that appear on the market can be said to be a wide range, advertised video speed, storage capacity, higher compression ratio, image products abound, dazzling features, how can we debate its pros and cons, how to select a product?

1, video speed

Video rate is concerned, all the DVR in real time is under 30 images/sec or 60 fields per second (NTSC format), any advertising that exceeds this target is unrealistic. If you record at 16 circuit image, each only at a rate of 30/16 per second per second or 60/16, multi-channel video, advanced image displacement detection method used by some DVR greatly improved video rate, virtually real-time moving image recording speed than image recorders to displacement detection many times faster. But beware of displacement measuring video is referred to as full screen image compression record camera image displacement full, rather than recording only of each image in the camera image displacement activities parts, although the latter can also enhance the video rate, but in Europe and the law, this image can't be used as court evidence.

2, storage capacity and backup

Recording capacity is bigger is better, but the most important thing is to have the interface for connecting external digital storage devices, backup image data, only regular backups to ensure valuable images can be safely preserved and facilitating transport. Months of images exist on the internal hard drive of the machine is very unwise, once the machine destroyed, all information will be completely lost.

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