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EU Releases New Draft Regulations For Lighting Products ErP And Energy Efficiency Labels
Sep 25, 2018

ErP new draft points

Cover product

1) Light source (also a light source when the LED module cannot be removed):

Specify x and y in the range of chromaticity coordinates

Luminous flux per square millimeter of projected luminescence surface area

Luminous flux between 60lm and 82000lm

Color rendering index > 0

2) Independent control device

2. Requirements

1) Energy efficiency

No-load, standby, network standby power ≤ 0.5 W

The declared power of the light source when fully loaded with Pon shall not exceed the maximum allowable power Ponmax, where the maximum allowable power calculation method changes.

Independent control devices at full load operation should meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements of the table below


2) Function

The light source should meet the functional requirements of the following table:


3) New test method for durability of lumen maintenance/survival rate

1200 cycles (open in 150 minutes, closed in 30 minutes) (total 3600 hours)

Key points of the new energy efficiency label

1. The draft stipulates that the implementation date of the new label is September 1, 2021, but as of May 1, 2021, suppliers (local manufacturers, importers) need to register product information in the product database and provide new information. Label to the retailer. Starting September 1, 2021, retailers will need to replace new products with products that have already been placed on the market; unless there will be no products of the same model on September 1, 2021, there is no need to replace them according to EU 2017/1369. New label, available for sale until June 1, 2022.

2. Energy efficiency rating: return A to G grade, the energy efficiency rating is divided as follows:


3. Label design (including small packages) will be introduced after consumer research is completed.

Please note: According to EU2017/1369, from January 1, 2019, products within the scope of energy efficiency labeling regulations must be registered in a specific database provided by the European Union. Products sold between August 1, 2017 and January 1, 2019 must be uploaded by June 30, 2019.