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Embedded DVR
Dec 23, 2016

Embedded systems generally refers to non-PC systems, a computer feature but not as computer equipment or equipment. It is application-centric, software and hardware can be trimmed, functionality, reliability, cost, size, power consumption and other demanding micro-special computer systems. Simply put, embedded system application system software and hardware into one, similar to a PC BIOS works, with small, highly automated software code, fast response and other characteristics, particularly suitable for applications requiring real-time and multi-task.

Embedded DVR is based on embedded processor and embedded real-time operating system for embedded systems, which use special chips for image compression and decompression playback, embedded operating system mainly complete control and management of the machine. Such products not PCDVR so many modules and redundant software features in the design and manufacture of hardware and targeted the stability plan, this type of product quality and stability, there will be no crash problem, and stored in the stream of video and audio compression rate, resolution and picture quality has greatly improved on, it features no less than PCDVR inferior. Embedded DVR system based on integration of hardware architecture, the entire video and audio compression, display, network etc, and all can be achieved by a single board, greatly improving the reliability and stability of the entire system.

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