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DVR Features And Embody
Dec 23, 2016

1. realization of simulation program for digital high definition storage can be disseminated and personal collection of analog audio and video programs with State of the art digital recording and storage, recording several times playing does not have any decline in quality.

2. comprehensive input/output connectors provide antenna/TV cable, AV Terminal, AV and s-video input connector, s-video output terminal interface. Can record almost all of the TV shows and other players, camera output signal, easily connected to other audio-visual equipment.

3. various optional image recording levels for the same program, provides high, medium and low picture quality of the three recording levels. When the highest level is selected, image quality close to the DVD image quality.

4. large capacity store for a long time, scalability, strong user-selected 20.4GB, 40GB or larger-capacity hard disk is used to store. In 20.4GB terms, in the selected bit rate recording time shown in the following table:

Bit rate (Mbps) recording time (hours) 6 7 4 10 2 20 1.15 38

5. Advanced time-lapse (Timeshifting) feature when you had to interrupt TV, users only need to press the Timeshifting button, watch moment program interrupt are automatically saved, users after the transaction has been processed can be from the place it was interrupted to continue watching the show, without any pause.

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