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DVR Development
Dec 23, 2016

DVR direct to disk recording system uses high-capacity hard drive type record digital audio or digital video. DVR system represents the more traditional reel tape or cassette multitrack systems replacement, and provides the editing feature is not available with tape recorders. Typical systems can be stand-alone or computer-based, including provisions for hybrid and digital audio signal processing.

Before the 80 's, most recording studios used analog multitrack recorders, typically based on reel-to-reel tape. The first commercial hard disk (HDD) recording system is a 16-bit, in the 1982 New England digital Synclavier II digital recording options for the 50kHz sample to disk. High cost and limited capacity of these solutions, limit the use of its large professional recording studios, and even then, they were usually reserved for specific applications such as film post-production.

Digital audio as the CD takes off, becomes a major area of development by the device manufacturer. In the late 1980 of the 20th century and some of the early 90 's affordable solution was released, many people continue to use whatever is on the reel, or more manageable video tapes. However, in 1991, Fairlight no dust collector PTY Ltd developed the MFX2, the 24th track hard disk recorder. IZ Technology Corporation in 1993, developed radar (by the smaller Valley company distributed random access digital audio recorder), designed to replace the 24-track tape machine. Hard drive capacity and portability and a corresponding increase in the price of steadily declining in the mid 1990 of the 20th century, the cost of hard disk recording system has fallen to them to be affordable for smaller Studio stage. Although there are several other types still in use of digital video recorders, hard disk systems are rapidly becoming the preferred method for studio recording. Fairlight no, Waveframe and AMS engineers, on January 14, 2004, was awarded the DVR technologies [1] the development of scientific and technical Academy Awards.

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