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Comparative Analysis Of Wireless Vehicle Monitoring System And Car DVR
Dec 23, 2016

With increasing recognition of the society, different levels of requirements also appear, vehicle monitoring function in continuous improvement, will be more widely applicable. Further recognizing the vehicle monitoring system, advantages and disadvantages compare below:

Benefits of the wireless mobile monitor real-time, monitoring information from surveillance video inside the car through the 3G upstream channel transmissions to the control center, on the big screen at the control center to give intuitive, efficient management and view. 3G priority of the speech signal, namely voice communication function. Leave the relatively narrow channels of video transmission, cannot take on large-scale video applications, this is 3G flawed.

Now combining two technologies 3G wireless mobile DVR, because it involves terminal equipment hardware and software research and development, the software also contains a strong theory of signal processing, algorithm development, and assembly instruction level optimization for a specific hardware platform, for most small and medium companies that currently monitors industry has high technical threshold.

Car DVR due to work on the car, vehicle, brakes, ramp, ignition and electric equipment for rolling stock of aging, which will make the vehicle different amplitude fluctuations in the output voltage, solenoid, voltage control is difficult to achieve perfection. Especially for the bumpy sections of seismic performance of the hard drive is the biggest challenge.

Given the problem hard drive, many enterprises have begun to use a USB flash drive instead of a hard drive to use. USB flash drive capacity continues to increase, and can also store large amounts of video surveillance information, it is important to be able to avoid some of the problems in hard disk.

Road safety issues more prominent, regardless of which vehicle monitoring is based on the application, find the most suitable solution, is the ultimate goal of enhancing traffic safety management.