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Chongqing University City Tunnel Will Change LED Lights, Saving 120,000 KWh Per Yea
Jul 25, 2018

Recently, the new lighting and tunnel lighting renovation project of Chongqing Gaotanyan Interchange to G93 toll station is underway.

The section of the project starts from the Gaotanyan interchange in the south and goes to the G93 Shapingba toll station in the north, with a total length of about 18.5km (including a tunnel length of about 3.8 kilometers and a road length of about 14.7 kilometers. The line includes the Xiyong interchange and the Laijiaqiao interchange. The Tujia Interchange and the Logistics Park have four interchanges, the Wangjiaqiao Bridge and the University Town Tunnel. LED lighting is used throughout the whole line. After the completion of the new construction and renovation, the lighting quality will be improved and the driving environment will be improved.

In addition to transforming the original high-pressure sodium lamp into a high-efficiency LED tunnel-specific luminaire, the University City Tunnel Project will also use an advanced remote intelligent control system to match the brightness of the lighting inside the hole with the brightness of the natural light outside.

According to reports, the entire project uses LED lamps, which greatly reduces energy consumption and saves energy. Among them, the University City Tunnel can reduce energy consumption by 40% per year, save 120,000 kWh, and reduce carbon emissions by 95 tons.