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China's Tanabata Is Approaching, Changsha Orange Island Welcomes 777 Drones Romantic Light Show
Aug 15, 2018

Needless to say, this is China's Changsha! At 10:40 on the evening of August 10, Changsha Orange Island Chau Beach Park, 777 drones circling in the air to transform various shapes, and the beautiful night scenery on both sides of Changsha Xiangjiang River A wonderful light show, we are very proud of the lucky lighting of Chinese manufacturers.

Lucky lighting.png

It is understood that this is a large-scale confession scene created by Hunan Satellite TV "Love Song Club" for Tanabata. 77 couples boarded the confession stage and shouted loud voices to light up the display device of Wanda Building. 777 drones add another sweetheart to the Xiangjiang River. Under such a grand occasion, the glamour experience of LED lighting is vivid.

Lucky lightingLED.png

The love formed by the drone gradually changed from a plane to a three-dimensional shape.

Lucky lightingLED3.png

The arrow of Cupid is about to connect the two "hearts".

Lucky lightingLED4.png

Bright light show, let star city citizen immerse in this deep affection in.

Lucky lightingLED5.png

The drone show and the night scenes of Xiangjiang and Changsha reflect each other, making people immersed in romantic sweetness.