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Car DVR Intelligent And Networked Applications
Dec 23, 2016

The past two years, appeared on the market a wide range of various kinds of mobile DVR (car DVR), as market segments of traditional embedded DVR, DVR also welcomed many security companies of the Pro-Lai. DVR inherited common DVR networking, intelligent direction, and DVR products should have a GPS satellite positioning functions and custom functions in other transportation industries.

But for the DVR, the first thing to do is dynamic voltage/current narrow refinement. How to ensure the DVR works, stable voltage and current is important, but on the other hand, the device's input power is fixed, the W=U*I shows that, the voltage changes when the current changes, voltage and current change directions often is the opposite. So if lower the starting voltage to do it, start current will increase. Macro is as simple as that, but stable do this function and ensure a normal operation, that requires effort, first and foremost is the protection circuit design, to know the DVR Power Board within 1 hour to withstand hundreds of impacts, protection circuits do not good, ranging from power plate is damaged, the motherboard will directly penetrate the power Board burned.