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Turntable Rotate The Stage
Jun 12, 2017

1. [revolving stage]: refers to the theater's rotatable stage

2. [swivel table]: The machine's workbench can be rotated to any position and fixed in that position. Also known as "rotary table"

Detailed explanation editing

1. The center part of the stage can be rotated. Playing on this stage can shorten the time of changing.

A platform that can be rotated.

Monitoring industry editor

Used to monitor the industry's precision equipment,

Monitor turntable

Has a good earthquake, shock, wind, sand, dust, rain and other characteristics;

Suitable for field erection monitoring, is a long-range night vision monitoring of the necessary equipment.

Key performance indicators

· Observation distance Day: 12KM Night: 3KM

· Orientation: -170 ° ~ + 170 °

· Pitch: -45 ° ~ + 45 °

· Maximum azimuth rotation speed: ≥45 ° / s

· Minimum azimuth rotation speed: ≤0.1 ° / s

· Maximum pitch rotation speed: ≥30 ° / s

· Maximum pitch rotation speed: ≤0.1 ° / s

· Regression and Preset Accuracy: ≤0.1 °

Weight: 70kg

Height: 920mm

· Operating temperature: -45 ° ~ +55 °

· Wind resistance: wind ≤ 12 level;

Turntable features:

1, 12 km monitoring during the day and night monitoring 3 km

2, the ball design:

Anti-theft, anti-theft, anti-rain, anti-snow, dust, anti-high temperature, lightning, anti-corrosion, fire, anti-theft, anti-sabotage, anti-shake, impact and so on.

3, can be widely used in border, coastal defense, high-altitude lookout, forest fire, ports, scenic, no man's land, large square and so on.

Monitoring and control professional editor

Used to measure the system components calibration platform, location, speed, acceleration control, to achieve the location, speed, acceleration and other tests.

1, Category:

Single - axis turntable, double - axis turntable, three - axis turntable, multi - axis turntable (three - axis above);

Position turntable, speed turntable, acceleration turntable;

No magnetic turntable, temperature control turntable;

High speed turntable, ultra high speed turntable;

Manual turntable, electric turntable.

2, technical features:

Speed range: 1 / 6000RPM-20000RPM;

Load range: 1.5KG-1500KG;

Position control accuracy: 5 seconds

Magnetic field distortion: less than 20NT

3, application

Magnetic sensor calibration, gyroscope calibration, equipment, motion simulation, acceleration test.