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How To Maintain The Wooden Phonograph
Jun 10, 2017

The suitcase wooden gramophone is the protagonist of the Chinese-style retro home decoration.Its versatility and practicality whether with Chinese furniture or European-style home can bring out the owner's taste. But because of the integration of the vinyl player LP, CD player, USB player, SD card player, AM / FM radio and other integrated features that determines the price so people can not often change the record player. Then its maintenance is particularly important.

*Clean dust: Choose a cotton dry cloth, fine soft brush to remove the dust in the depression or relief decoration.Avoid wiping the stain with water, alcohol, gasoline and other solvents and then use a colorless varnish, thinly coated evenly, dry with cotton, reduce dust and enhance the luster.

*Away from the sun: Phonograph placed the best to avoid the sun exposure for a long time to withstand the sun will make white paint yellowing, coloring fading, metal parts of the oxidation, plastic material brittle, vinyl LP deformation.

*Avoid dampness: Avoid wet, wet wood will decay, metal parts corrosion, bonding part of the open plastic chrome original film and so on.

*Smudge away:Pure white paint phonograph yellowing with a pure white cotton gauze dipped in a little toothpaste gently wipe and then remove the toothpaste with a damp cloth, and then dry cloth dry, yellowing phenomenon can be changed.Paint the phonograph, due to directly put on the cup, hot soup bowl appears white gray hot marks can be dipped in a little dipped in tea or toilet water and a little alcohol, gently wipe, you can remove and then dry with a clot

1、Winter wood cauter easy to crack solid wood phonograph made of wood and wood susceptible to environmental humidity, the emergence of wet swelling and shrinkage changes. Winter climate was relatively dry and many families due to the warm demand are often in the indoor heating measures, more emphasis on the dryness of the indoor air, resulting in solid wood phonograph due to severe water shortages and the occurrence of difficult to repair the crack phenomenon.

2、Indoor reasonable humidification to prevent phonograph cracking solid wood phonograph prices are generally not cheap, if you do not pay attention to good maintenance, cracking and other effects affect the appearance, causing losses is distressed. Winter, solid wood phonograph most prone to chapped because the indoor humidity is very low. So understand the cause, you can take measures to increase the indoor humidity. Common methods to buy a humidifier on the indoors, you can also place a pot of water or more place some of the indoor moisturizing, such as green radish, rich bamboo and other plants.But to avoid the prevention of excessive humidification: fear of dry, but also afraid of moisture, moisture is too easy to corrosion or moldy.