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LED Tube

LED tubes are also commonly known as light tubes and fluorescent tubes, and their light sources use LEDs as illuminants. The traditional fluorescent tube is also called a fluorescent lamp. There is a filament at each end of the lamp. The tube is filled with a small amount of argon and thin mercury vapor. The inner wall of the tube is coated with phosphor, and the gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet light when it conducts electricity. Let the phosphor emit visible light. Led tubes have many advantages, generally used for general lighting, office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.
The installation is relatively simple. It is divided into two types: built-in and external. The LED light tube built in the power supply is replaced by the original fluorescent lamp and replaced with the LED tube. The ballast and the starter are removed, let 220V AC power can be directly applied to the ends of the LED tube.
LED tube power saving is more than 70%, life is more than 10 times that of ordinary lamp (in theory, it can reach more than 50,000 hours), almost maintenance-free, there is no need to change lamp, ballast, starter frequently The problem can be exchanged for the cost saved in about half a year. The green and environmentally-friendly semiconductor electric light source has soft light and pure color, which is beneficial to people's vision protection and health.
If you are interested in selecting suppliers and manufacturers of a wholesale LED Tube, you can always contact us, we promise to provide you with the most sincere service and the most professional products.
  • UL 120LM/W 4' 4ft T8 LED Tube

    UL 120LM/W 4' 4ft T8 LED Tube

    LED tube has a lifetime of 50,000Hrs, we will supply 3 years warranty to our clients, traditional fluorescent tube normally only with lifetime is only 3500Hrs.Read More
  • High Lumen 1200mm Enery Saving Light

    High Lumen 1200mm Enery Saving Light

    led tube Using international well-known brand of SMD2835 led as the light source, which can ensure the led tube brightness and long lifetime, also can reduce the light decay.Read More
  • 9W T8 Tube with CE RoHS

    9W T8 Tube with CE RoHS

    LED tube apply with international test standard, our led tube passed CE,ROHS,SAA,TUV,ETL,UL,DLC certificates, all our led tube with top quality, they can sale all over the world.Read More
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