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LED High Bay Light

Unlike traditional mining lamps, LED high bay lights have obvious environmental and energy saving features. Its high brightness, small light fading, high display pointer, and long life characteristics highlight the advantages of LED products. LED high bay light uses single-line package manufacturer's chip as point light source, coupled with well-known brand drive power, using pure copper vacuum conduit + aviation fin technology as radiator radiator design, so that the product in terms of heat dissipation, service life, structure and technology Leading the way to ensure safe and reliable use of the product.
Scope of application:
suitable for workshop, workshop, warehouse, underground parking lot, toll station, gas station, supermarket, etc.
Product features:
no lead, mercury and other pollution elements;
quick start;
long life;
50-80% less power than traditional lamps;
The design is scientific, unique and elegant to make the lighting more artistic.
1. Because the lamp has glass fittings, when handling and storing, please take care to handle lightly and not to press heavily.
2. When installing, do not let the surface of the product rub or fall on the floor with other hard objects, otherwise the product will be damaged.
If you are interested in selecting suppliers and manufacturers of a wholesale LED High Bay Light, you can always contact us, we promise to provide you with the most sincere service and the most professional products.
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