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LED Bulb

An LED bulb is a light-emitting diode that is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy into visible light, which converts electricity directly into light.
LED energy-saving light bulb status LED lighting is mainly based on high-power white LED single lamp. Led lighting fixtures are the collective name of LED lamps. With the further maturity of LED technology, LEDs will achieve more and better development in the field of room lighting design and development.
1. Since LED is a cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself has no pollution to the environment. Compared with incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps, the power saving efficiency can reach more than 90%. At the same brightness, the power consumption is only 1/10 of that of an ordinary incandescent lamp and 1/2 of a fluorescent tube.
2. LED is a green light source. LED lamp DC drive, no stroboscopic; no infrared and ultraviolet components, no radiation pollution, high color rendering and strong directionality.
3. Light color is the basic element that constitutes visual aesthetics, and is an important means of beautifying the living room. The choice of light source directly affects the artistic effect of light. LED has an unparalleled advantage in the artistic display of light color display lamps. It can more flexibly use the combination of light and dark in optical technology, the combination of light and color, material and structure design. Advantages, improve design freedom to weaken the lighting function of the luminaire.
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