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zinuofei intelligent interconnection road lighting system protects the starry night view of the canary islands
Aug 30, 2018

Zinuofei recently announced that thanks to the intelligently interconnected road lighting system, the Canary Island will provide even more amazing starry sky for local residents and tourists. It is reported that the smart connected road lighting system will be installed in the Puerto de la Cruz on the north coast of Tenerife. It can be remotely controlled not only through the online system, but also with special optical components. The observatory synchronizes to reduce the observed interference generated by artificial lighting.

Lucky lighting

The smart interconnected road lighting system installed in the Canary Islands is undoubtedly a breakthrough successful application of LED lighting! The light pollution brought by urbanization is already a problem that has attracted the attention of global astronomers. At present, one-third of the world's population, including 60% of the European population and 80% of the South American population, is unable to find the Milky Way in the night sky. Paul Peeters, head of professional lighting business in Europe, said in an interview, "Our smart connected road lighting system is equipped with LED modules with special optical panels, which can filter out blue light and directly illuminate the ground. In addition, while it is energy-saving, it can also wirelessly connect to the lighting management system to remotely adjust the light. ”

Save the night sky

The Canary Islands have always been known as “the purest sky in Europe” and are a great place for astronomical researchers and enthusiasts to observe astrology and are home to several well-known astronomical observatories around the world. The quality of the local sky environment is protected by Spanish national law, and the local government in northern Tenerife and La Palma is required to take a series of measures to mitigate light pollution, such as prohibiting use in addition to certain sporting events and outdoor advertising scenes. High pressure mercury lamp or cool white light illumination.

Lucky lighting

“For astronomers and stargazer enthusiasts, there are no observing conditions here. We hope to protect this rare natural resource while providing a safer nighttime environment for local residents and tourists.” Cruise Port Mayor Lope Afonso said in an interview, "This latest lighting technology has reduced the electricity consumption of the city by about 65% while meeting the local observatory's observation requirements, and has provided more choices for smart city development. The launch of the original smart connected road system with the company will help the Port of Cruise become one of the most innovative cities in Europe."

Smart upgrade

The smart interconnected road lighting project installed a total of 6,000 street lights, including 100 pilot projects in the previous period. The 100 sets of street lamps are equipped with Philips SR series lamps, and the reserved interfaces are adapted to third-party sensors to meet the existing and future (noise, pollution, traffic flow, etc.) equipment access requirements; Docking. The attempt by the Port of Cruise to intelligently interconnected road lighting systems coincides with the local government's vision of exploring smart cities, and has played a win-win effect in optimizing the lives of urban residents and protecting the environment. The road lighting system controlled by Interact - City (formerly CityTouch) lighting management system software is scheduled to be installed in August.

lucky linghting

The case of Cruise Port is the best interpretation of Zenofei's ongoing commitment to energy-saving LED technology innovation, and it is also evidence of its leadership in the field of lighting in the Internet of Things era.

Cruise Port Project

A total of 6,000 street lights will be installed in the project, which will be managed and installed by ImesAPI.

About 3,000 Philips Luma luminaires and 1,500 Philips ClassicStreet streetlights will be remotely monitored, controlled and managed by the act诺飞 Interact-City (formerly CityTouch) lighting management system.

1,500 existing sodium vapor street lights and 165 street light control boxes will be connected to Interact via the adapters - Urban Lighting Management System

The pilot project includes 100 sets of Philips SR luminaires with dual system interfaces (one for each of the upper and lower ends of the luminaire), which can be adapted to the Zhaga international standard.

Compared to traditional lighting systems, the smart interconnected road lighting system installed in Cruise Port can save 65% energy.

How does the intelligently interconnected road lighting system that helps astronomical observation work?

The LED modules in the luminaire contain special optics that create a special light recipe that removes the blue spectrum that has a significant impact on night sky observations. In addition, the optics can also achieve optimal illumination by adjusting the illumination angle.

The new streetlight system complies with the IAC standard.

Compared to the yellow-brown LEDs used to reduce skylight, the new LED modules have an energy efficiency improvement of about 16% in terms of light output.

Zinuofei has enabled a road lighting system with a similar combination of light sources to create an illuminating light source for bats that does not affect their natural environment.

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