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What is the type of fluorescent lamp
Dec 29, 2018

Straight tubular fluorescence

The straight tube fluorescent lamp is a preheated cathode low-pressure mercury fluorescent lamp, which has the advantages of high luminous efficiency (four times that of an ordinary lighting bulb), good light color and long life. Widely used in homes, schools, research institutes, industry, commerce, offices, control rooms, design rooms, hospitals and other lighting.

2. Circular fluorescent lamp

The circular fluorescent lamp has the advantages of concentrated light source, uniform illumination and beautiful appearance, and can be used for lighting of civil buildings, locomotive cars and family rooms.

3. Compact energy-saving fluorescent lamp

The compact energy-saving fluorescent lamp is the latest energy-saving product popular in the world since the 1980s. It uses three primary color phosphors, which combines the advantages of incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. It has high luminous efficiency, low energy consumption, long life and good color rendering. It is easy to use, and it is matched with various types of lamps. It can be used for table lamps, wall lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lamps and decorative lamps with novelty and unique style. It is suitable for lighting in homes, hotels and offices.

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