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What are the types of outdoor LED lighting fixtures?
Jul 20, 2018

In today's lighting era, LED lamps are favored by consumers, and their advantages are also obvious. LED lamps are divided into indoor and outdoor lamps. Let's take a look at the types of outdoor LED lamps today

LED high-bay lights are an important part of urban industrial lighting. Traditional industrial and mining lamp station lights often use 250W, 400W metal halide lamps, metal halide lamps emit 360 degrees, and the shortcomings of light loss cause huge waste of energy. Therefore, the development of new high-efficiency, energy-saving, long-life, high color rendering index, environmentally friendly LED industrial and mining lamps is of great significance for national industrial lighting energy conservation. Industrial and mining lighting is closely related to industrial production. Huizhou Youxi Lighting Co., Ltd. LED high-bay light radiator adopts 3D hot runner design, which is more efficient, faster heat dissipation, protects LED chips and drivers; high seismic resistance, long service life and green environmental protection. The advantages have gradually entered the people's field of vision, LED light source lamps have become the world's most new generation of energy-saving light source to replace the advantages of traditional light sources.

LED high bay light

LED floodlight is a point source that can be uniformly illuminated in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it is represented as a regular octahedron in the scene. LED floodlights uniformly illuminate objects from a specific point in all directions. It is best to use it to analogize bulbs and candles. LED floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene.

LED floodlight

LED street light refers to street lamps made with LED lamps. It has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response and high color rendering index. It is of great significance for urban lighting energy saving; LED street lamps are different from conventional street lamps. The LED light source adopts low-voltage DC power supply, high-efficiency white light synthesized by GaN-based power type blue LED and yellow, and has the unique advantages of high efficiency, safety, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, fast response, high color rendering index, etc. On the road. The cover can be made with high temperature resistance up to 135 degrees and low temperature resistance up to -45 degrees.

LED street light

There are many kinds of LED outdoor lighting fixtures, which are rich and add more colorful colors to outdoor life.

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