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What are the types of lucky lighting indoor lamps?
Jul 24, 2018

A comfortable living space can add to the warmth of the home, and the choice of LED interior lighting can enhance the home atmosphere. Nowadays, the role of indoor lighting fixtures is not limited to lighting, it also has the effect of decorative beauty. A good lighting may become the soul of the decoration at once, so the choice of indoor lighting is very important and complicated. Next, let the lucky lighting introduce the types of LED indoor lighting:

There are various types of LED indoor lamps. The first common ones are: LED panel lights, LED tube (T8/T5), LED high-bay lights, LED bulbs, LED chandeliers, LED spotlights and other indoor lamps.

1.LED panel light: It is a high-grade indoor lighting fixture. Its outer frame is made of aluminum alloy by anodizing. The light source is LED. The whole lighting design is beautiful and simple, and the atmosphere is luxurious. It has good lighting effect and can give People bring beautiful feelings, and the LED panel lights of lucky lighting have a long service life.

Lucky lighting LED panel light

2. LED tube: LED tube is also commonly known as light tube, fluorescent tube, its light source uses LED as the illuminant, lucky lighting tube lighting without dark areas, the light is evenly illuminated; the traditional fluorescent tube is also called fluorescent light, the two ends of the lamp Each has a filament, the tube is filled with a small amount of argon and thin mercury vapor, the inner wall of the tube is coated with phosphor, and the gas between the two filaments emits ultraviolet light when the gas is electrically conductive, so that the phosphor emits visible light. Lucky lighting LED tubes have many advantages, mainly used in office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants, schools, homes, factories and other indoor lighting.

Lucky lighting LED tube.jpg

Editor's summary: The above is the introduction of two products for lucky lighting indoor LED lamps. I believe everyone has a certain harvest. The choice of lamps is diversified, and the main choice is based on each person's preferences and the different styles of decoration at home.

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