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USA Add 10% Tariff LED Lighting Product List,Not Effect Lucky Lighting Led Light Factory Export All Over The World
Jul 16, 2018

In July,  United States government announced that partial China commodity add 10% tariff, and released a list in nearly 200 pages with more than 6000 kinds commodities,It has accelerated the escalation of Sino-US trade war.

This list contains the SPC receive and exchanges, printed circuit components, the processor components, ADP among the high-end products, such as machine parts also include the metal furniture, lights and lighting appliances, vacuum cleaner and other terminal consumer goods.

According to the arrangement of China lighting electrical appliance association, the products related to the lighting industry are shown in the following table, but it don't contain Lucky Lighting's hotsale and advantage products:LED commerical lighting, such as led tube (T8 /T5 Led tube, LED panel light, mini LED panel light, LED downlight, Led high bay light,LED street light,LED flood light etc.)

Led light USA.jpg

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